What is ICStripBoard


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What is ICStripBoard?


ICStripBoard allows you to experiment with surface mount IC's with ease.


Making PCBs is very time consuming and mistakes are often made. Break out boards or adapters are expensive.


ICStripBoard provides excellent value for money as it can simply be scored with a knife or cuts with scissors to the size of the IC you want to use.


Many surface mount chips come with pins or pads a certain distance apart called pitch.


Please click below link to see most common IC packages:




ICStripBoard has been specifically designed for the four main pitches. These Break out Boards allow you to mount various IC's for experimention, if your really careful you can even mount square devices, its basically anything with the same pitch that you can cut. The Break Out Boards are 0.8mm thick sizes are 100mm x 25mm for the 0.5mm and 0.65mm pitches and 100mm x 20mm for the 0.95mm and 1.27mm. Please read our recent review in Everyday Practical Electronics.