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Q. How do I use IC Strip Board?


A. Soldering IC's to circuit boards can be done in many ways. However for rapid and cost effective prototyping we highly recommend the technique of melting excess solder around you IC pins and then removing excess using solder wick.



Q. I would like to order larger quanitities or boards can I get a discount?


A. Please contact sales@icstripboards.co.uk, We can offer extremely reduced pricing for larger quantities or redistribution.



Q. How long will it take for my boards to arrive?


A. IC Strip Board understands the financial aspects of electronics prototyping our products are shipped to the UK as standard by 2nd Class Royal mail and internationally via Royal mail economy. Faster freight can be arranged by contacting sales@icstripboard.co.uk



Q. What size wire can I use wire these boards?


A. IC Strip Boards 0.5 and 0.65 have hole diameters of 0.5mm and can accept wires with a diameter below this or a cross sectional area of under 0.19mm2 for example SWG 26 or AWG 25. IC Strip Boards 0.95 and 1.27 have hole diameters of 0.75mm and can accept wires with a diameter below this or a cross sectional area of under 0.44mm2 for example SWG 22 or AWG 21.



Q. What is the maximum current carrying capabilities of the break out boards?


A. The breakout boards have not been designed with power in mind the tracks are 0.127mm in width with this in mind the temperature of the track will raise by about 35 degrees centigrade. We do not recommend exceeding 1 Amp for long periods of time.







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